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GPs in the UK - Why to access Induction and Refresher Scheme?

General Practitioners are usually the first person a patient turns to for help and they deal with a whole range of health problems. They are general experts in the whole field of medicine for adults and children. They manage the healthcare of all their patients, including acute physical problems, long term conditions, and mental health problems.

Many GPs choose to work in England because of the attractive salaries and benefits. But the work offers much more: the chance to extend your clinical experience as part of a team of 1.3 million NHS employees, all of whom are proud to work for a ‘national treasure’ and many of whom have come to England from across the globe.

The NHS is one of the most developed health systems in the world. It has a reputation for delivering a high quality of service and excellence in research, training, and development.

There are a number of potential benefits to working in the UK for General Practitioners from overseas:

• Work experience within one of the world’s largest healthcare systems
• An opportunity to experience living and working in the UK
• Access to ground-breaking research
• Developing new skills and being introduced to new ways of working
• A diverse, multi-cultural population with a wide range of health needs
• Good standards of pay
• Pension Scheme

Why access Induction and Refresher Scheme?

With the new International Recruitment Programme developed by the NHS England, every EU General Practitioner, no matter their previous experience, can access a direct route and a direct interview with the NHS in order to be employed in a General Practice in the UK.

Everyone who joins the NHS is guaranteed a salary that matches their ability and responsibilities and given every opportunity to increase it through training and development.

NHS want to reward the efforts and dedication of every person from the staff and the pay system offers real benefits including:


  • Salaries starting from £70,000 gross / year 

  • From the 2nd year of activity, you can negotiate your salary and can reach up to £90,000 gross / year

  • Professional indemnity (one-off payment): £1,250

  • Up to £8,500 relocation costs (costs are detailed below)

  • Free English courses

  • Generous stipends while studying

  • Fees for 2 IELTS Exams are covered by the programme


  • Paid Training Programms delivered by local GP Trainers and coordinated by Health Education England to easily and fully integrate into the British health system.

  • Training support regarding future assessments you will need to take (MCQ and Simulated Surgery) - fees for up to 4 attempts are covered by the Scheme

  • Activity will be continuously assessed and revised and the programme will be tailored to meet applicants & needs, experience, and personal commitments.



  • Training will be provided regarding basic knowledge of UK society and culture, general and current healthcare organization, UK healthcare laws, organizational structure and policy of NHS, multicultural issues.

  • There will be provided Welcome Packs, Guides and Useful Brochure for your easy integration into the British society.

  • Relocation costs for you and your family will be covered by the programme.

Employees in the UK are protected by certain minimum statutory employment rights. These include:

• maximum working hours of an average of 48 hours per week
• strict hours control and rest breaks
• minimum time off
• a national minimum wage
• rights to equal pay for equal work
• the right to be treated equally and fairly and without discrimination
• the right to request flexible working
• the right to safe working conditions, the right to raise grievances
• the right to not to be dismissed from your employment unfairly.

Download our Free Brochure:

"Induction and Refresher Scheme - A Step by Step Process"

for more information!

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