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GPs in the UK - MCQ and Simulated Surgery Exams

The GP Induction and Refresher Scheme includes a number of assessments which will help the NHS to decide on what’s the best programme for you in order to meet your learning needs, experience, and personal commitments.

MCQ Assessment

There are two parts to the Induction and Refresher Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) Learning needs assessment; both are designed to assess some of the essential competencies outlined in the national person specification and are based around clinical scenarios. Applicants will first be asked to complete a professional dilemmas (PD) paper, followed by a clinical problem solving (CPS) paper.

Professional Dilemmas

The PD paper is a Situational Judgment Test (SJT). This part of the assessment focuses on a candidate’s approach to practicing medicine.

Specifically, the paper measures one’s understanding of situations that arise for doctors in the NHS, particularly in General Practice, judgment in differentiating between appropriate and inappropriate responses, and the ability to recognize the most important concerns in any situation.

The PD paper consists of 62 items and there are 124 minutes in which to complete the test.

Clinical Problem Solving

In this part of the assessment, candidates are presented with clinical scenarios that require them to exercise judgment and problem-solving skills to determine the appropriate diagnosis and management of patients.


This is not a test of knowledge per se, but rather one’s ability to apply their knowledge appropriately. The topics are taken from areas with which a General Practitioner is expected to be familiar.

The CPS paper consists of 86 questions and there are 65 minutes in which to complete the test.

Simulated Surgery Assessment

This Simulated Surgery is not primarily a test of knowledge but that of consulting and communication skills. It is intended to be just like an everyday surgery in any general practice. You will be given a consulting room and will remain there throughout the session. Patients will come to see you for 10 min appointment slots where you will demonstrate your consulting skills to an assessor. Refreshments will be provided halfway through the session. During this time candidates may mingle, but any discussion of cases seen will lead to immediate disqualification.

The number of permissible attempts and associated costs for both exams: fees for up to 4 attempts are covered by the Scheme, subject to a satisfactory progress report.

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