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Medici de Familie in Anglia

Route to Join or Return to General Practice in England - Step by Step

The programme is aiming to recruit at least 2000 GPs from abroad by 2020. Practices involved in the schemes will be offering attractive and competitive salaries. The schemes will also be offering help with relocation for GPs and their families, and on-going support to help them feel at home in England.​​

Application Process

You can apply for this international recruitment process if you are:

  • A doctor who has never worked as an NHS GP – you will take the induction route through the scheme.

  • A GP who has previously worked in the NHS but been out of NHS general practice for more than two years and wishes to return to work in England – you will take the refresher route through the scheme.

Type of Assessments you will need to pass while in this program (in one year period):

The GP Induction and Refresher Scheme includes a number of assessments which will help the NHS to decide on what’s the best programme for you in order to meet your learning needs, experience, and personal commitments.

1. English Exams: You can prove your English Level through one of the following 3 options:

  • IELTS Certificate 6.5 Overall Score with at least 6.0 in Reading or Writing

  • OET Certificate with at least B Level in Speaking and Listening and at least C Level in Reading and Writing

  • Cambridge Certificate of C1 Level

Note 1: You will be required to upgrade your Score once you will get a contract with the NHS and you will register with the GMC.

Note 2: For candidates applying for Norfolk, Suffolk or Nort East Essex, we have a dedicated programme that will offer Free English Training for 3 months (you will be paid while studying - generous stipends are involved. More info here!

2. MCQ Exam: It is a two-parts assessment on the evaluation of the essential competencies outlined in the National Person Specification and are based around clinical scenarios: PD (Professional Dilemmas) Paper and CPS (Clinical Problem Solving) Paper.

3. Simulated Surgery Exam: This will test your consulting and communication skills. It is intended to be like everyday surgery in any general practice. Simulated surgeries are held in London where actors will play the role of patients with 10 minutes appointments.

4. Workplace-based assessments: You will have regular workplace-based assessments during your supervised placement at a GP surgery. These assessments include teamwork, clinical and communication skills based around observed consultations, case-based discussions, and clinical procedure observations. It also includes feedback from patients and colleagues

Recruitment Process

Phase 1

Apply to job

Phase 5

Free English Courses

Phase 2

Prove your English

Phase 6

Start GMC Registration

Phase 3

1st Interview with the NHS

Phase 7

Start Relocation Process

Phase 4

2nd Interview with the NHS

Phase 8

Observational Post

Phase 9

MCQ Exam

Phase 10

Simulated Surgery Exam

Phase 11

Supervised GP work

Phase 12

NPL Registration

Final Phase

Start working on your own!

Fill the

"Registration Form"

and apply directly for this job!

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