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IGPR Skype Broadcast

Skype Broadcast for EU General Practitioners interested in the IGPR

Video conferences for EU GPs joining the NHS in England


We know that moving abroad can be a tough and challenging decision, but armed with the right information and close to the right people, all these changes can become rewarding for you and your family. This is why VPL Healthcare has created a partnership with NHS and GMC representatives to make the process as easy and as stress free as possible.

Who are the sessions for?

NHS England and the General Medical Council (GMC) have organised a series of video conferences for all international GPs joining the NHS in England; whether considering applying, have started the application process or are already working in England. The sessions will use real life situations to discuss the complexities of the NHS, the role of the GP and practical application of GMC guidance.

Session details

Date: Wednesday, 3rd of July
Time: 12:00 – 1:00pm UK Time
Topic: The GP looking after the whole person

How do I join?

This is the link for you to use to dial into this skype broadcast, please Join Skype Meeting shortly  before 12:00pm UK time.  It may be useful adding this link to your calendar so you can find it easily on the day.

During this broadcast there is the opportunity for you to ask questions which will appear at the side of the screen. We will try to answer these during the broadcast or if not, we will send you a personal reply afterwards.  Your name will appear alongside your question and on the screen as having dialled into the broadcast. 


NHS England IGPR Form

In order to see who is dialling into the broadcast could you please complete the information below and send it to

  1. Your full name

   2. Which country you are from?

   3. Are you interested in applying for the International GP recruitment  programme

   4. Would you be happy to be contacted after the broadcast by NHS England IGPR team to discuss your interest in applying?

   5. Please provide your contact details

They will share this information with NHS England IGPR team only if you answer yes to question 4. 

Technical issues

Before the broadcast starts please close any other applications and make sure that the sound on your device is turned up to full.  Please note that the broadcast is being recorded and will be uploaded onto the Fourteen Fish & NHS England website, where it will remain for six months.  For this reason, please do consider how you want your name displayed.  You may wish to ensure that you sign into the Skype meeting with your first name only. 

This is a YouTube clip of how to change your skype name:

It is important to consider these issues, since the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) specifies that you must have control over your own personal data.

In order to get access to the pdf presenting Broadcast 1, 2 and 3, please contact us at

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