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VPL Healthcare & Advanced Language Education by Andreea Berkhout

Our companies, with more than 30 years experience in recruitment and teaching, have created this partnership dedicated to medical professionals who want to work abroad. We aim to help those:

  • who want access to various jobs abroad

  • who want to get successful results at their IELTS / OET exams

Get the best customer experience offered by dedicated recruitment consultants who will assist you in finding the job opportunity you want and the best online teaching programme offered by professional English teachers who will be flexible according to your working schedule.


What people say about us?

Why to choose us?


Online Courses:

You can access them from anywhere you are!


The learning groups will be created based on your working schedule.


Access to Jobs:

Hundreds of medical job opportunities

available with VPL Healthcare.


Discounted Prices:

VPL Healthcare candidates will receive lower price rates for the courses.



Courses are structured for you to get the best results at your exams!


Higher Salaries:

Once registered in UK, you will get access to opportunities with higher salaries!


Fast Registration Process:

With an IELTS / OET
Certificate you will
register faster abroad.


Technical Support:

Our consultants will help you with payment and  entering the courses!


"It was a great and helpful experience. I recommend VPL to everyone who need a chance and wish to change their life. VPL offers you seriousness, stability and safety. Thank you, VPL Healthcare, thank you, UK!"



"Thank you very much to VPL Team for their support; they offered to me all details that I needed, the recruitment process was shorter than I thought it would and the job is exactly how I wished. I fully recommend VPL."



"The best! She is a very good teacher and a kind, supportive person. I highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to obtain high band scores in IELTS. With Andreea's guidance I managed to get an overall of 8. Thank you, teacher!"



"An excellent team! I have received everything it was written in the contract. I also have been helped with the NMC registration and obtaining the PIN. Do not hesitated to call VPL! I arrived in England 2 years ago, I have been waited at the airport and registered in a 4* hotel for 3 weeks; I even had a taxi for one week to bring me and take me from work to home. At the workplace, I have received support and after 1 year of working, I have been offered a fidelity bonus from my employer. Thank you, VPL!"



"There are no words in this world I could use to accurately express my overwhelming joy! Band 7.5 in IELTS Academic, C1 level! I would have never reached this performance without my wonderful teacher, Andreea Berkhout! Her extensive knowledge, efficient guidance and deep empathy make her not only an astonishing teacher, but also an excellent life coach. Thank you, my dear teacher, Andreea Berkhout for helping me achieve the desired result!"



"My modest opinion is that not only this women is a good person and an excellent teacher but is proving every day her success rates not with 6.5 but with 8's and 9s on IELTS exams and will always recommend her as an option number 1 for anybody who wants to pass IELTS exam!!! Keep on the good work Andreea !!!!!"


VPL Healthcare and Advanced Language Education by Andreea Berkhout, partners of success!

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