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Medici de Familie in Anglia

GPs in the UK - training and educational support offered by NHS, England

As part of the programme, doctors will become part of an International GP training scheme including the elements of the GP Induction and Refresher Scheme. A bespoke education and training package will be developed with a GP trainer, which may include further development of English language skills.


• 1 day/week: Language & Communication Training
• 1 day/week: Clinical Training
• 3 days/week: work in General Practice

Paid Training Programs delivered by local GP Trainers and coordinated by Health Education England in order to easily and fully integrate into the British health system.

• Training support regarding future assessments you will need to take (MCQ and Simulated Surgery) - fees for up to 4 attempts are covered by the Scheme.

• Activity will be continuously assessed and revised and the programme will be tailored to meet applicants & needs, experience, and personal commitments.

Doctor's Desk

During your placement, your training package will be designed based on your needs and expectations and will include:

  • videos covering how to prepare for the exams

  • clinical videos

  • mock exams

  • detailed reports regarding your profile (weak and strong areas)

  • and different questionnaires regarding your workplace performance

You will also have a range of additional modules you can work through, modules that we would strongly recommend to attend like: safe prescribing, information governance, supporting self-care and shared decision making.

Also, as part of the preparatory curriculum, the Health Education England will deliver communication training to ensure that you will acquire linguistic capital, develop language skills for effective consultation, understand different non-verbal behavior and register and cope with idiomatic/colloquial speech. This training will give you the opportunity to develop the four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening, necessary for everyday primary care.



These placements are designed to support your educational training and understanding of the British health system and prepare you for the following assessments: MCQ Exams and Simulated Surgery. The training programme will be delivered by local GP trainers and will be coordinated by Health Education England. You will get a paid bursary whilst on the observational placements.


It is a two-part assessment on the evaluation of the essential competencies outlined in the National Person Specification and are based around clinical scenarios: PD (Professional Dilemmas) Paper and CPS (Clinical Problem Solving) Paper. There are eight sittings a year in venues across the UK and in approved sites worldwide.


You will also be asked to complete a simulated surgery assessment that will test your consulting and communication skills. It is intended to be like everyday surgery in any general practice. Simulated surgeries are held in London where actors will play the role of patients with 10 minutes appointments.

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You will have regular workplace-based assessments during your supervised placement at a GP surgery. These assessments include teamwork, clinical and communication skills based around observed consultations, case-based discussions, and clinical procedure observations. It also includes feedback from patients and colleagues.

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