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Medici de Familie in Anglia

GPs in UK - Relocation Costs covered by NHS

Have you ever considered working in the UK as a General Practitioner, but worried about financial support? Now, you can access the International GP Recruitment Programme tailored to meet your needs, experiences and personal commitments.

Registering for the scheme means you will be joining one of the most rewarding, challenging, flexible and diverse careers in medicine.

If you're from an EU Country, have completed a residency in family medicine, passed the specialist exam, and have good English language skills we invite you to apply now in order to get more information about the scheme.


Financial benefits

  • There will be offered a learning bursary a month whilst on the placement (3 - 6 months)

  • Induction and training is fully sponsored by NHS (up to 6 months)

  • Special indemnity (one-off payment): £1,250

  • After you will be registered as a GP in the UK, you will get an annual salary of £70,000 - £90,000 

  • £8,500 relocation costs are covered by the Scheme for transport, family possessions from home to the UK, accommodation, England transport costs, flights for candidates to attend UK based interview. The sum needs to cover the following aspects of relocation:

   o Relocation
   o Accommodation
   o Transport

It is anticipated that the costs will vary between GPs based on a variety of criteria including the areas they are relocating from and the number of family members.

Relocation Costs Covered by the Scheme (for people, accommodation and travel)


  • This is the GP's immediate family (the people that will live in the same home as the GP)

  • The cost is for them to move themselves to their first accommodation in England for one journey

  • This would cover flights, ferry crossing, rail travel, bus or coach travel and/or motoring expenses including vehicle rental

  • Reasonable taxi costs would be included (to and from an airport or station)

  • GPs must consider the class of travel and not take first-class travel unless there are no other options available

  • This does not cover:

- People who are not an immediate family (i.e. friends and extended family)
- Non-direct travel to England
- Further travel once in England


  • This is to cover the accommodation for the GP and their family for up to the first 28 days of their stay in England

  • This includes the costs of hotels or similar as well as rented accommodation

  • Storage costs will be covered

  • This does not include for example:

- Mortgage payments, Mortgage fees or Bank Charges
- Deposits or rented houses
- Late rent payments
- Rent payments for existing rental properties
- Payments for renovations to new or existing properties
- Properties outside England
- Second homes


  • This is to cover commuting costs for the first 28 days in England

  • This covers public transport costs (to and from work for the GP only)

  • This also covers vehicle hire or rental

  • This will also pay for reasonable taxi fare (to and from work for the GP only)

  • This will also cover reasonable fuel costs (to and from work)

  • This does not include:

- Buying a vehicle or placing a deposit on one

- Tax or insurance costs of any non-hire vehicle

- Repayments on an existing vehicle

- Vehicle maintenance

- Costs of the vehicle in the home country

- Driving lessons

Once you have gained entry to the National Medical Performers List without conditions you can expect to earn a salary starting from £70,000 per year that can increase up to £90,000 / year in 3 years.

Alongside your salary, there are many other financial benefits including paid maternity and paternity leave, parental leave, and careers leave.

Fill the

"Registration Form"

and apply directly for this job!

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