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Medici de Familie in Anglia

General Practitioners in the UK - Job Description

Become an independent GP in the UK

1. Free English Courses

We have opportunities in Central and East Midlands, but for those applying strictly on one of these regions: Suffolk, Norfolk, Waveney or North East Essex, we offer Free English courses for 3 months + generous stipends while studying. More information about the courses here! 

2. Learning bursary 
From the first day, you will be given a paid bursary, supporting your learning and introduction into the NHS general practice.

3. Paid Induction 

Next, you will get paid to work under the supervision of a GP until you will gain your independence and start taking your own decisions.

4. Independent GP - from £70,000 Gross / Year

In a few months from your arrival, you will start working as an Independent GP for a General Practice in England, with direct contractual relation with the NHS!​

What's on offer?

  • Learning paid bursary and induction training

  • Highly rewarded role within NHS England, both financially and professionally

  • 3 years contract with a GP Practice

  • No assessment fees for first-time applicants

  • Options to complete most parts of the scheme before moving to England

  • Help with relocation costs and pastoral support

  • Free English courses

What happens once you arrive in the UK?


▬ Observational Post

Description: your activity will be mainly concentrated on your educational training, studying different approaches to the general practice in the British health system. You will be receiving ongoing support to easily integrate into the NHS and to better understand the British health system policy, structure, and activity. The training program will be delivered by local GP trainers and coordinated by Health Education England and will support your preparation for the MCQ and Simulated Surgery Exams.

  • Duration: expected to be up to 3 - 6 months

  • Other benefits: up to 4 attempts to MCQ and Simulated Surgery Exams’ costs will be supported by the NHS

▬ Supervised GP Work 

Description: you will start working under a supervised placement and your work will be monitored by a GP named by the Health Education England. The results of the 2 exams will help inform the length of the supervised placement to see how much further assessment or training is required. During the placement, the educational supervisor will provide regular feedback and document regarding your activity.

  • Duration: expected to be around 6 months

  • Other benefits: special indemnity on the scheme: one-off payment of £1,250

 Independent GP Work

Description: following your exams results and the feedback from your supervisor, you will start working independently and unsupervised as a general practitioner in the UK. You will be employed by a GP Practice. You will have your own appointments and you will be able to organize your activity independently.

  • Annually Gross Income: from £70,000

  • Other benefits: once you are registered with the National Performers List, you can work for Out-of-Hours Companies, doing extra shifts

Eligibility Criteria to attend 1st stage of interviews

  • Education: Specialist Diploma in Family Medicine / General Practitioner 

  • Experience: Newly Qualified Specialists will be also accepted in the Program

  •  Proof of the English level that can be one of these 3 options: 

    • IELTS Certificate 6.5 Overall Score with at least 6.0 in Reading or Writing ​

    • OET Certificate with at least B Level in Speaking and Listening and at least C Level in Reading and Writing

    • Cambridge Certificate of C1 Level 

    • Candidates attending the Free Courses will be required an English Level of 6.0 IELTS

Relocation and pastoral support

Amount available
• There is up to £8,500 available per GP for relocation costs from EEA
•  This is a maximum per GP, not a set amount
• The £8,500 can be spent to meet the GPs individual requirements
• It is anticipated that the costs will vary between GPs based on a variety of criteria including the areas they are relocating from and to and the number of family members.

London Town
  • Live and work in Urban Areas

Living in a big city is an amazing experience, with unique and interesting features and great amenities regarding transport, education, lifestyle, and entertainment. If you are looking to live and work in vibrant cities, urban areas are perfect for you.​

Aerial view of house roofs in suburban n
  • Live and work in Suburban Areas

Maybe you are the type of person who enjoys the energetic side of big towns, but you also love living in peaceful and family-friendly areas from the suburbs.

Rural Village
  • Live and work in Rural Areas

If you enjoy more the healthy air, quite, outdoor activities, less traffic, and agitation and you are looking to live and work away from the city life you might find a more beneficial alternative in a vacancy from the rural areas of England.

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