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Medici de Familie in Anglia

GPs in UK - Application Process

The interview process will begin on Skype and conclude with an interview in England, where you will get the chance to meet colleagues and learn more about the GP practice and the area you will be working in.

If you apply to be a General Practitioner in England this is the application process you will follow:


You have an initial conversation with us


You have the first Skype interview in your home country, with NHS England


You complete the necessary English tests (IELTS/OET)


You have the 2nd interviews with NHS England in London


You will officially join the GP training programme


You will be integrated into an Observational Post to prepare for your future assessments


After you will pass your assessments successfully, you will register with the NPL


You will begin working independently as a General Practitioner in the UK

Download our Free Brochure:

"Induction and Refresher Scheme - A Step by Step Process"

for more information!

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