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Training for EU GPs

Start with these goals in mind:

  • IELTS 7.0 / OET B Level

  • Generous Stipends while studying

  • Permanent contracts abroad after the courses


and reliable delivery services offered by:

  • VPL Healthcare - a Recruitment company with more than 10 years of experience in matching top employers with highly skilled medical professionals from Europe and the Middle East.

  • NHS England - the National Health Service from the United Kingdom wast established in 1948 and now it has a place in the top 3 the greatest employers in the world.

  • Advanced Language Education by Andreea Berkhout - an Online Language Training company specialized in training medical professionals who want to work abroad. Their English teachers have more than 30 years experience in teaching.

DURING YOUR JOURNEY, you will soon discover that you’re never far away from dedicated professionals that will help you navigate through the process.


Mara Oprea

International GP Recruitment Lead

Mara is the GP Recruitment Lead at VPL Healthcare Ltd.

Mara will support you throughout the whole recruitment process with sending you the job offer, the project description, and interview details and also with planning your travel to the UK and helping your family to relocate in the UK.

She will answer all your questions regarding the job opportunity and will offer you guidance whenever you will need.

Andreea Berkhout

Professional English Teacher

Andreea Berkhout is the General Manager of Advanced Language Education by Andreea Berkhout.

Andreea and her team of dedicated highly skilled teachers will deliver a personalized English Training programme based on your needs, in order to help you reach performance and get IELTS 7.0 or OET B Level in 3 months.

She will help you with intensive online courses, individual practice materials, mock exams, and personalized feedback.


Sonia Carnegie and Eleanor Ward

NHS Experts

Sonia and Eleanor are the International GP Recruitment Co-ordinators for the NHS, covering the areas of Norfolk, Suffolk and North East Essex.


Sonia and Eleanor will be the ones to guide you through the whole process once you will arrive in the UK. 

They will help you to integrate into the new healthcare system and to understand the British culture and they will also help with your relocation and finding great accommodation for you and your family.

Eleanor Ward (2).jpg


for you?

Free English Training Courses

  • Free online English courses for 3 months

  • A Paid Scholarship and free study materials, during courses

  • Fees for up to 2 attempts of your IELTS / OET Exam will be paid by the NHS

Permanent contract with UK GP Practices

  • Very attractive salary: £70,000 – £90,000 gross per year

  • Receive Offer Letter before starting the courses

  • Free Accommodation for 3 months for you and your family

  • Opportunity to meet your future employer in the UK before signing the contract (costs for this visit are covered by NHS)

  • Relocation costs for you and your family will be covered for up to £8,500


regarding this opportunity?

Contact us when it's more

convenient for you:


0040-730-558-662 (Mara)

  • There are no fees attached to our recruitment services

  • Our first discussion will be just a friendly conversation where you can find more details regarding the Programme


to know!

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