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NHS Careers

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust is an award winning NHS hospital and community services trust providing high quality, personalised, acute, elective, specialist and community care for a population of over 200,000 people from a widespread area covering 700 square miles within Yorkshire and Lancashire – stretching as far as the Yorkshire Dales and the National Park in North Yorkshire, reaching areas of North Bradford and Guiseley in West Yorkshire and extending into Colne and Pendle in the East of Lancashire.

Meet Nicoleta Ghindea, a hard working Staff Nurse at Airedale Hospital

If someone would have said to me in 2004 that in ten and a half years I will be administering chemotherapy at Airedale Hospital in Yorkshire, England, I would have told them that they're having a laugh! But they would have been right, as here I am, soon eleven years later, working as a chemo nurse in HODU (Haematology Oncology Day Unit).


It wasn't always easy. My qualification as a Nurse was not recognised when I first came to England and I had to undertake 

The Overseas Nursing Programme, which is something that you will not have to do, as Romania is now part of the European Union. I knew that there will be many things to learn, many differences between what I was used to and what I was expected to do here, but I am a hard working individual and managed to achieve knowledge and develop myself quickly. My first job as a nurse in England was in a Nursing Home. I enjoyed working there, but I wanted to develop myself further and went to work in a Hospice, caring for patients with terminal illnesses. It was an emotional job, but I knew I can make a difference that is important for the patients and their families. When I left the Hospice to do Rheumatology, I felt that I left a bit of my heart there, so I continued to do bank shifts and I still do them now. The job at Airedale on HODU came up in 2013 and I knew it was something that I always wanted to do, so here I am, doing my bit of fighting against cancer. I am very happy and achieved many skills and knowledge with support provided by marvellous people: my mentors, managers, clinical specialists, nurses and I can't be more grateful for their input in my career.


Why England? Because it is a great country, with an amazing history and beautiful places to visit, because people are friendly, have a good sense of humour, have the ability to make you feel welcome and are helpful when needed. Being a multicultural society, England will help you understand and gain knowledge about different cultures and religions and I find that very intriguing. The food is good and varied too. You will be surprised that English people eat baked potatoes and beans together (Jacket potatoes) but be opened! It's a delicious combination! I would give you only a little advice before you decide to move to England: make sure you buy a pair of cizme de cauciuc (wellies or gumboots) and a large umbrella, you WILL need it... Oh, and learn the word 'brew', its meaning is really important, you'll have a brew every two hours!


I must say that I love the English language. However, in all these years of living here, I haven't lost my accent and don't think I ever will! Also, it is good to be aware of the meaning of different English sayings, but don't worry too much about it, you'll learn as you go. Anyway, make sure that if one day you're early at work and someone is asking if you wet the bed, you don't take it literally! We do have a laugh on the ward when I come across expressions or words that I don't know their meaning yet.


Why Airedale Hospital, your future work place? Because it is geographically situated in one of the most beautiful areas in England. Because there are very good schools around for your kids to go to. If you do a bit of research, you'll find that Skipton Girls' High School (my daughter attended it) and Ermysted's are grammar schools with a very good reputation. At your work place, you will be provided with necessary training and all the information needed to help you fully integrate in the system. Some days will be really hectic, but you will be supported and your hard work will be appreciated. The staff is friendly and all the efforts will be made to accommodate your specific needs (child care, studying, etc.) The patients are always grateful for the cares received at Airedale and I have a great admiration for our cancer patients that are really brave, funny and, despite their condition, have a very positive attitude. I love when they come on their last day of treatment with an enormous poster brightly coloured that says 'LAST CHEMO' on and they ask to have their picture taken with all the staff that cared for them. Believe me, the big smiles on their faces, the hope in their eyes, the bandanas that still cover women's bald heads, all these bring a tear to my eyes every time.


To conclude, I consider Airedale a great work place and I am truly looking forward to seeing you around.

Meet Florin Istoan, a proud Healthcare Support Worker at Airedale Hospital 

My name is Florin and I moved to the UK in 2009. 


I began working in a Nursing Home in Ilkley where I studied for and successfully gained my Level 2 and 3 NVQ in Health & Social Care.  I was promoted to become a Senior Carer with responsibility for training staff in Manual Handling. 

Working in the NHS had always been my ambition, so in 2015 I decided to start applying for positions at Airedale General Hospital which is near my home town of Skipton.  I was successful in gaining a position as Health Care Support Worker on Critical Care Unit and I love my job!  I work with a very supportive and caring team and am always keen to learn from the staff on the unit. 


The Trust offers excellent training and has a dedicated Education Centre at the hospital.  I feel valued and supported in my role and have many opportunities for learning and progression.  I enjoy each shift where I am able to make a difference to people who are in need of care with all the resources needed readily available. I am also working as a Bank Interpreter for the hospital which, having come to the UK with limited English, is a very important service for people who have English as a second language.


I live in Skipton which is known as the Gateway to the Dales. Airedale Hospital is central to very different areas of Yorkshire. Beyond Skipton are the beautiful Yorkshire Dales and the stunning scenery of the Lake District is just over an hour’s drive.  The cities of Leeds and Bradford are within half an hour by train and are rich in different cultures with excellent museums, entertainment and shopping – if I am missing food from Romania there is a fantastic stall in Leeds market!  Further afield but readily accessible are the larger cities of Manchester and York and within easy driving distance you’ll find the seaside on either coast with Blackpool, Scarborough and Whitby being popular places to visit.  There may not be lots of sunshine but there is always plenty to discover! We have music festivals, country shows, theatres, sports venues, food and beer festivals – there is something for everyone.  The area is rich in history and culture and is a very popular tourist destination. 


Airedale is a hospital that serves a very diverse community and I meet people from different ethnic backgrounds and different communities from the urban areas of Keighley to the more rural Dales communities.  The area is a great place to live and if you have children, there are excellent primary and secondary schools and local colleges with great reputations.  I feel privileged to work at Airedale hospital and in such a beautiful part of the country.

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